Adrian Molina-


“ The Essence of Beauty in writing is not to be found in the written word but lies in response to unlimited change; 

line after line should always have a way of giving life; character after character should seek for life-movement.

Express it well.”


 -ancient Chinese anonymous quote 

Currently based out of Miami FL, Adrian Molina creates thoughtfully striking and visually playful paintings. Inspired by Taoist philosophies scientific theories of subatomic, and sonic behavior, Molina expresses simple themes of balance, identity and invisible connections. His paintings flow with illusions of movement and depth with swift calligraphic fluid brush-strokes of black ink, juxtaposed with slow and contemplative placement of color on canvas or paper. Such themes and influences stem from a well rounded life in all the arts and sciences, and a family that traveled frequently between the city/suburbs of Miami and the country jungles of Costa Rica. It was the observation of these two worlds that built the foundation of Molina’s art artwork.

 Molina expanded his visions in Art history/theory, and all mediums of craft at School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. His work has been exhibited in Miami, Barcelona, and Boston; featured in  the Boston Globe Arts front page for exhibiting a 76 yard long painting viewed via a "machine" also designed and fabricated by him. Adrian has now been residing in his hometown returning to his roots with a bounty of experiences with creations that are brought to life out of his studio in the famed Wynwood Art District of Miami. 






2005 -Miami-Dade College (AA) Illustration traditional painting and Art history.

2008-Barcelona, Spain (Diploma) Metafora Institute of Contemporary Art; Sculpture and video art.

2009: Boston, MA (BFA) School of the Museum of Fine Arts; Sculpture and sequential/video and performance art.


2006-  Featured Artist Coconut Grove Galleryhouse. Solo exhibition "The Self Evolution"

2008 Studio Residency,  Metafora: International Workshop Barcelona Spain. 


November 2011, Exhibits first visual narrative composition in a monumental fashion of one single sequential image 75 yards in length and about 15-20 minutes viewing  time titled; The Looming Time Machine. Featured in the Boston Globe art section opening weekend 11/11/11.


2012-2015 Apreticeship under Olivier Haligon at Haligon  Fine Art Studios- Little River Arts district, Miami FL.   Olivier come a long family line of monumental scale fabrication and engineering. His father was chief engineer for the statue of liberty.  


October 2019 launches first book "The Werewolf of Kendall" on KickStarter 



















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