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 Adrian Molina-


Adrian Molina - Visual artist, illustrator and painter living in Miami, FL. Graduate from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, MA under the studies and practices of sculpture, painting, film and visual story-telling. 
Born to a father who was a one-time professional actor and visual artist, and a mother whose family was steeped in musicians, his artistic abilities of illustration, imitation and entertainment came naturally and were nurtured in this environment. With influences of modern cinema and comic books - particularly the weird, creepy and scary ones, such as: Alfred Hitchcock, Rod Serling, E.C. Comics - Molina took an "odyssey" into the careful and detailed studies of visual language, its history and possibilities.
Has exhibited in Miami FL, Barcelona Spain, Boston MA, and has been featured in the Boston Globe Arts 2011 for exhibiting a 75 yard long painting viewed via a "machine" also designed and fabricated by him.
Now, this artistic journeyman has returned to his hometown with a bounty of experiences and creations that are brought to life out of his warehouse-turned-studio in the famed Wynwood Art District of Miami, home to more than 70 art galleries, boutiques, and museums.


Now residing in his home town, all the knowledge acquired is manifested out of his studio in Wynwood Miami.





2005 -Miami-Dade College (AA) Illustration traditional painting and Art history.

2008-Barcelona, Spain (Diploma) Metafora Institute of Contemporary Art; Sculpture and video art.

2006-  Featured Artist Coconut Grove Galleryhouse. Solo exhibition "The Self Evolution"

2008 Studio Residency,  Metafora: International Workshop Barcelona Spain. 
2009: Boston, MA (BFA) School of the Museum of Fine Arts; Sculpture and sequential/video and performance art.


November 2011, Exhibits first visual narrative composition in a monumental fashion of one single sequential image 75 yards in length and about 15-20 minutes viewing  time titled; The Looming Time Machine. Featured in the Boston Globe art section opening weekend 11/11/11.


2012- Returns to Miami. Inspired by the nostalgia of childhood influences and the odd feeling of familiar places with new faces, developes a creative entity that emulates the styles of master story-tellers of the bazzar, and the mysterious. All just to tell stories of places that once were, or events that once happend in the history of Florida.
Currently based in Wynwood Maimi, FL cultivating this entity visual narrative skill-set that has been brewing in a bottle for 21 years now being released as



October 2019 launches first book "The Werewolf of Kendall" on KickStarter 



















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