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About Ginie

   There is a dimesion that exists in the darkest corners of the collective sub-conscious. A dark entity that stores all the mysteries, horrors, and suspensful terrors of this universe. The keeper of this realm appears to us as Ginie; the teller and scribe of these dark tales that lie beyond the human imagionaion. 




  Ginie is an entity of entropy, the bazaar, and the mysterious.

 Manifested under the inspiration of  artists, writers, and filmmakers such as E.A Poe, Jack Kirby, E.C. Comics, Rod Serling, and Hitchcock to name a few.

Ginie is a storyteller, a host, a brand.

Creating original and narrative art in forms of comic book culture.

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October 2018

 comic book: The Werewolf of Kendall.

Taking place in the home town of the authors' and artist's home town in Miami, FL. 



October 2019

Comic book: Miccosukee Mummy