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About the Artist



    video created and prodduced by Collective Creature (.com)




Adrian Molina


  An artist currently functioning as an illustrator/author and painter with two very distinct hands of style.



     On one hand, Adrian creates abstract-action painting series' inspired by a fascination to visually express auditory molecular behavior. This work is titled: "The Color of Sound", in which the artist describes his art as static objects with kinetic illusion.


     On the other hand, Adrian produces illustrative short stories, comic strips, fictional film posters and book covers with a deeply developed mystery comic brand titled "Ginie" (to be unveiled in 2019). 


      Adrian was raised in a renaissance family-house between Miami and Costa Rica. He received his BFA from Tufts University: School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (2009) and his Diploma Degree at The Metafora Institute of Contemporary Art in Barcelona (2008). Adrian is currently based out of Wynwood in Miami, FL.